Spasterfield Sportswear is a luxurious-yet-affordable activewear distributor founded by James Spasterfield in the early days of 2012. James started the company out of his home in Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia, with the vision of creating a brand that focused on comfort, utility and aesthetic rather than branding and status. The garments sold by Spasterfield Sportswear all feature the latest innovative technology available on the market, including moisture-wicking hydrophobic fibers, four-way stretch fabrics and an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

James realises that there are hundreds of activewear companies around the world that use these innovative, performance-enhancing technologies in their garments as well, so what sets Spasterfield Sportswear from the rest of the crowd?

Being based in Mooloolaba, QLD, James was regularly subject to advertisements of different activewear brands, and after a while he noticed they were all ludicrously priced. It wasn't until after his girlfriend ordered a pair of performance leggings at wholesale price that the Spasterfield Sportswear vision came about.

The leggings were the practically exact same as one of the biggest activewear brands in Australia, albeit missing a logo, but cost only a quarter of the price. The wholesale company who sold them to her was still making profit from the leggings. James realised there was a huge upsell on leggings based on the branding and logo that was printed on them for next to nothing, so he decided to take action.

After some research, it turned out there were not that many activewear companies that provided affordable performance-enhancing activewear in Australia - next to none in fact - and so began the slow journey of building a business from home.
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